Grim Reaper headlining HMM Fest 2014

grim reaper This years festival will be spearheaded by SG Grim Reaper. With songs like “See you in Hell” and “Rock you to Hell” and the epic video’s that came with them, they are the embodiement of 80′s Heavy Metal! But don’t let you’re guards down as these guys mean serious buisiness: screaminig guitars, high pitched vocals and pounding drums make Grim Reaper no laughing matter. With a reformed band, SG Grim Reaper is now on a world tour with dates in South and North america, but only does one stop on the old continent…. at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival!

Confirmed: Midnight Messiah

midnightmessiahlogo When Phil Denton and Paul Taylor of Elixir deceide to start again, they call their band Midnight Messiah after one of the last songs they wrote for Elixir, Midnight Messiah is based on the same principals as Elixir: strong riffs, melodic voices and screaming solo’s! More bands for Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2014 to be confirmed in a few days!