Festival 2016

Mean Man, Iron Thor, Frenzy, Iron Kobra, Savage, Salem, Maverick, RAM, Jackal, Iron Angel

Festival 2015

Primal Fear, Kissin Dynamite, ManimalJunkyard Drive, Ancillotti, Snaggletooth

Festival 2014

Grim Reaper, Sad Iron, Venator, Diggith, Dealer, Midnight Messiah

Festival 2013

Holocaust, More, Black Knight, Dealer, Wild, RAM, Evil Invaders, Wild, Ruler, Lizzies, Game Over

Festival 2012

Halloween, Jameson Raid, Mournblade, Witch Cross, Sad Iron, Attic, Final Heiress, Ostrogoth, Act of State

Festival 2010

Vicious Rumors, Tokyo Blade, Bitches Sin, Warrant, Emerald, Steel Horse

Festival 2009

Chainsaw, Praying Mantis, Picture, Exciter, Tygers of Pan Tang, Vortex, Hysterica, Enforcer

Festival 2008

Clovenhoof, Wizard, Gilgamesj, Portrait, Roadkill, Ear Danger

Festival 2007

Jaguar, Grim Reaper, Bullet, Predatür, Double Diamond

Festival 2006

Nightmare, Sacred Steel, Grim Reaper, Lone Wolf, Double Diamond, Accelerate, Snakes & Sirens

Festival 2005

Blitzkrieg, Witchfynde, Avanger, Predatür, Conquest of Steel, Sad Iron, Black Out

Festival 2004

Attacker, Elixer, Metal Inquisitor, Solitaire, Conquestador

Festival 2001

Tankard, Hammerhawk, Martyr, Allied Forces, Angus