Monthly Archives: January 2012

Meesterlijk Metaal 11

Website restyled

We have been working on restyling the website. New year, new colours and layout! Among other things we started an events calendar. If you are registered at the forum, you can enter concerts. More info is found on the forum.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

New board for the Heavy Metal Maniacs Foundation

Stefan van Zijl has stepped down in his role as chairman of the Heavy Metal Maniacs. As founder he feels it’s time, after more than 14 Years, to pass his work to others. The new Maniacs chairman will be old board member Hans Pendavingh. The Heavy Metal Maniacs festival will be organized […]

Act of State to replace the Troopers at MM 11

Act of State will replace the Troopers at Meesterlijk Metaal 11. In the North of the Netherlands, during the summer of 2010, members from progressive metal band SHADOW OF EDEN and old-school thrash metal band DAMNATOR joined forces to create ACT OF STATE. With their love for both traditional and contemporary […]