New board for the Heavy Metal Maniacs Foundation

Stefan van Zijl has stepped down in his role as chairman of the Heavy Metal Maniacs. As founder he feels it’s time, after more than 14 Years, to pass his work to others.

The new Maniacs chairman will be old board member Hans Pendavingh. The Heavy Metal Maniacs festival will be organized by the new Maniacs board member Stefan “Bozzy” Bosland. Stefan van Zijl will get an advising role within the fan club.

We like to thank Stefan for 15 years of hard work that made the Heavy Metal Maniacs the organisation it is today. Without him, there would not have been a Heavy Metal Maniacs Fanclub and no Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival. We know how much it took to make this all happen.

We wish Hans and Bozzy a lot of wisdom and good luck to guide the Heavy Metal Maniacs from this point.

Now let’s ad another 15 years to this organisation!