Next party: Meesterlijk Metaal with Vanderbuyst!

While everybody is getting excited for the festival in October we still have other parties coming up!

Next stop for every True Metal Maniac: The Meesterlijk Metaal 12
April 21, De Meester, Almere.

Flyer MM 12

Forged deep in the sound of the 1980’s, Vanderbuyst is the latest Hard Rock sensation from Holland. They opened for Saxon on their latest tour and will open again for Saxon and Judas Priest later this year. Heavy riffs and lightning fast solo guitars, this Power Trio makes it clear: Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay!

The Pact
Made from the bandmembers of bands like Return, Promise, Barf Out, Donor and Silent Edge, The Pact is a very experienced band. Melodic songs, with hard rock roots and symphonic influences are their trademark. A real DIY band, they have been recording, producing and mixing on their own since the 1990’s.

Caliber draws their energy from Heavy and Thrash bands like Exodus, Metallica, Death, Pantera, Kreator and Sepultura. Guitarist Vidal is no stranger to the stage with his other bands (like Jerchio Pie) even though his age. Raw energy and Heavy guitars, just the way it should be…