ear danger

Meesterlijk Metaal 11

Act of State to replace the Troopers at MM 11

Act of State will replace the Troopers at Meesterlijk Metaal 11. In the North of the Netherlands, during the summer of 2010, members from progressive metal band SHADOW OF EDEN and old-school thrash metal band DAMNATOR joined forces to create ACT OF STATE. With their love for both traditional and contemporary […]

Meesterlijk Metaal 11


MM 11 till 13!

After surviving MM 10 (we had a blast!) now is the time to get ready for the next batch of Metal Madness! Start the new year of Metal on 11-02-2012 with The Troopers, Ear Danger and Emerald. All on MM 11! Then get ready for MM 12 with Caliber, The […]

Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2008

Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2008.October 25, 2008. Manifesto, Hoorn. With: Cloven Hoof Wizard Gilgamesj Portrait Roadkill Ear Danger Festival 2008