Universe and Alltheniko confirmed!

UNIVERSE kicks off the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival on Friday 21 September! As the years went by
things changed and some left the band, but whatever changes, through all these times UNIVERSE
never dropped down their passion for great melodies, hard riffs, and solid grooves. With 4 Universe
albums from 1992 until now, and many national and international shows,  Universe always stands for
a solid melodic style of rock and metal. A guarantee for a perfect opening act with the finest classic
melodic hard rock. Be on time to check these guys out!! \m/


ALLTHENIKO was formed in 2002 and has since then maintained the same line-up. After 3 demos the
band decided it was time for the 1 st full-length album ‘We will fight!’. Alltheniko really was up-to-
speed as the 2 nd album ‘Devasterpiece’ was released. Reviews were good and after 3 other demos 4
full length albums followed: ‘Millennium Re-Burn’ (2011), ‘Back in 2066’ (2012), ‘Fast and Glorious’
(2014) en ‘Italian History VI’ (2017). Alltheniko plays loud & fast into-your- face heavy metal that will
just hook from the very first song they play. The band has an energetic front man in Dave Nightfight
and he will sure get your attention! Alltheniko always puts down a good show that is just great to
watch and listen to!