First Bands Announced for Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2023

We are proud to announce the first bands for the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2023.
On Friday the legendary forefathers of power metal Omen will headline the festival!
Next to that, we have the Heavy metal bands Küenring (A) and Burning (NL).
Get ready for a great evening with unforgettable screaming guitars!
Check out the band profiles below:

Omen was formed in the early 80s. They have enjoyed a cult following among headbangers. Omen is best known for melodic yet aggressive power metal/fantasy metal along the lines of King Diamond, Queensrÿche, Savatage, Manowar, and Helloween.

Omen holds a reputation as one of the forefathers of power metal


Küenring is a heavy metal/heavy rock band from Austria formed in 2010.
Their name is related to the “Kuenringer”, a medieval ministerial house. According to local legends, Kuenringers were feared robber knights and tales about them remain until today…
Their album Neon Nights, released on 30 april 2021, received many positive reviews: their style was compared to NWOBHM. It makes no sense if the band comes from Austria, right?

Hailing from the Groningen province in the Netherlands, heavy metal band Burning formed in 2013.

They released 2 albums: Scourge of Humanity(2022), Nightmares(2016) and 1 EP: The P.I.D. files (2019). Due to the wide variety of influences in their songs, this band has something to offer for everyone.