More Bands Announced for Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2023

More bands have been confirmed for the second day of the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2023.
On this day you can again expect an exciting party with the legendary NWOBHM band Avenger (UK)!  Together with Desolation Angels (UK), Lord Volture (NL), Razorblade Messiah (NL) and Xiron (GER), this will become a day that you cannot miss!
This is not all there is: a headliner will still be announced! Stay put, we’ll announce it soon!

Check out the band profiles below:

Metal, classic metal, thrash metal… NWOBHM! These are the defining genres that best describe Avenger. Avenger was founded at the end of 1982 by three members of the cult band Blitzkrieg. Over the years they built up a worldwide fan base and were a major inspiration source to many other bands like Metallica.
But that’s not it, the story goes on: stay tuned, as Avenger didn’t say their last word yet. They are too wild to tame!

The band formed back in the early eighties and soon established itself as one of the best live bands on the NWOBHM scene.
The band is known for their very accessible melodic heavy metal with similarities to doom metal. On their more recent albums like “King” and “Burning Black” there are many tracks that have a high hit potential. Let yourself be blown away, because this is a band you cannot miss!

Lord Volture is a Dutch heavy metal band in the tradition of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Iced Earth. After an explosive take-off in 2010 with the release of debut album ‘Beast of Thunder’, the band rapidly rose to find themselves in the frontier of the Dutch heavy metal scene. With their follow-up releases ‘Never Cry Wolf’ and “Will to Power” the band set their definitive style, while increasingly gaining recognition everywhere they were heard. Now, with a new line-up, Lord Volture are sharper than ever before and ready to unleash more high-pitched power vocals, mind boggling guitar solos and pure unpolished heavy metal onto the world.

Founded in 2015, Razorblade Messiah is an Old School metal band, hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Influenced by the great thrashers from the 80s, with just a whiff of heavy, speed and power metal, Razorblade Messiah is all about pounding rhythms, soaring leads and crushing vocals, wrapped in aggression and melody.

Expect no mercy on your souls, while attending one of their shows…

Xirion is a high-energy and high-speed heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1998.
We will hear more of this band in the future: you can’t miss this heavy metal surprise!